Fashion Design

At Silver Oak Institute of Design, the Diploma in fashion Design is an early stepping stone to the creative world and a great opportunity to learn the philosophy of design and the design skills with respect to garment construction and textile development which would enable entrepreneurship in the students and would further help them to stand on their own individual feet as a designer in future.

The course helps students in recognizing the latest trends in Fashion and helps them differentiate between Pret-a-porter (Ready to wear) and Haute Couture (High end fashion), which further grants them the ability to pave their path in the world of Fashion. For a young design aspirant, the diploma in design program is a great opportunity to start the dream tour as a designer at a very early stage of career which will offer a rock solid foundation with rigorous workshops, meticulous jury sessions and the most valuable handholding by eminent designers in all these years giving one the desired shape and ability as a designer to sustain in the long run. The Diploma in Design program will definitely make a young designer industry ready and as an option, if a design aspirant is willing to gain further experience and knowledge as a designer, then a diploma in design will help him or her to pursue a Bachelor in Design program from the second year of graduation to gain the necessary expertise in their desired fields of design.




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