Bachelor of Design Interior & Furniture Design

Interior Designing is the art and science of playing with the available space to create the right mix of purpose, mood, and aesthetics. Designing the space revolves around the client. Therefore, understanding the needs, values, aesthetics, cultural background and environmental conditions of the client is of paramount importance to create their perfect living space. Creating that perfect space with a sense of belongingness for the clients comes to be the core responsibility of any Interior Designer.

Our Interior Design syllabus is a detailed course structure where students learn different textures and materials. They are further exposed to technical aspects like structural study, color theory, human psychology, anthropology, lighting, etc. followed by exploration with space, shapes, colors, and textures. We encourage students to let their creativity flow while keeping the client’s aesthetic values, comfort, needs, lifestyle, cultural values, and economic conditions as their priority. After all, creating the right working/living space which is going to be a part of one’s life for the longest time is no less than creating magic !

Highlights of the Program

  • Ergonomics
  • History of Art & Craft and Architecture
  • Visualization and Drawing
  • Material Exploration
  • Craft Techniques
  • Digital Representation Technique
  • Industrial Design
  • Exhibition Space Design
  • Personal and Public Space Design
  • Industry Internship
  • Graduation Project

Course Structure

Semester 1 Semester 2
  • Art Appreciation
  • History of World Art
  • Basics of Design Drawing
  • Basics of Color Theory
  • Basic Photography & Digital Representation
  • Geometrical Construction & Material Studies
  • History of Indian Art
  • Indian Craft & Culture
  • Advanced Design Drawing
  • Advanced Color Appreciation
  • Principles & Elements of Design
  • Design Process

Other Courses

Fashion & Textile Design

Defining Styles, Creating a Statements

Visual Communication Design

Communicating Ideas, Building Businesses

Product Design

Creating Creative & Functional Solutions